Thursday, January 31, 2008

$32 Million

Bloomberg is reporting that the Obama campaign raised $32 Million in January 2008.

$32 Million.

That is an absolutely astonishing number in itself, but more importantly he added 170,000 new donors in January. Most candidates would be lucky if they ever got 170,000 donors TOTAL in the life of a Presidential campaign. Obama now has had 650,000 individuals contribute to his campaign and most of those have not maxed out on their legal limit. The merits of the Obama candidacy can be debated at length but one thing is certain-- he has ignited a spirit in many people who have never been involved before. The Clinton Machine has already found out what that energy means. The ancient Kennedy clan even tore away from the Chivas long enough to sign up for the fun.

If my Republican friends have even a remote hope in November they better pray that Hillary! is the Democrat nominee. As we've said before, Obama is pumping out the same sewage as all the other leftists, but from him it smells like sweet perfume.

The Reagan Library

I didn't watch the debate from the Reagan Library last night on CNN. I saw the opening and when the little kid that was "moderating" started to badger Mitt in the first minute I walked away. If I cared what some CNN dope thought I'd watch CNN. I don't; so I don't. But it was great to see the glorious library and the Air Force One Pavilion. The Darts lived one hill away from "The Reagan" when the AF1 display was started. Above is a picture from the day of the ground breaking ceremony.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain Has Not Won A Plurality of Republicans Anywhere

According to CNN exit polls the Republican frontrunner, Senator McCain, has not won amongst self-identified Republicans in any of the primaries yet. Despite that he is the presumptive nominee. In NH he lost the Republican vote by 1 point, in Michigan he lost by 14 points and here in South Carolina and down in Florida he tied for the Republican vote.
Now that the field is clearing he'll win a plurality of Republicans somewhere on Super Tuesday but as of now the probable nominee of the Republican Party has yet to carry the self-identified Republican vote in any primary.
H/T Rich Lowry at The Corner

Good News for Tigers fans

As a Detroit Tigers fan I'm glad to see Santana headed to the Mets. It was enough that he would be out of the AL Central when he was thought to be headed to Boston or the Yankees but to have him out of the league is extra special good. If he and his Metropolitan pals do real well maybe he'll get a chance to face the Tigers in the 2008 World Series.

Wednesday sunshine

Looking towards Super Tuesday The Mitt Man can still win enough to keep Scowly McCain about 300 delegates short of the needed total. It's a two man race now, although Huck will stay in to help McCain by splitting the social conservative vote.

Lots of my associates are very sad this AM. The markets are also down this AM as we wait for the FOMC this afternoon.

But, here in our corner of the Palmetto State it's 60 degrees and bright and sunny. How can we feel downtrodden on a morning like this? Especially when we realize that back in northern Illinois where we once lived it's snowing, windy, and colder than John McCain's forced smile when he calls us, "My friends."

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida Results

Still officially "too close to call" but it looks like the elderly of Florida have narrowly sided with the elderly candidate, John McCain. He also has a large edge in Super Tuesday (2/5) states now if you look at the Republican Primary futures trading. As my Republican friends head off the cliff with a tired, scowling, bitter, angry, John McCain they better pray that Hillary! is the Democrat candidate. McCain would have a very narrow chance against that sorry, shrieking, off-putting shrew.
Against Obama? McCain would get wiped out. Out with the tired old and in with the vapid (but attractive!) new. At 8:53 it's still too close to call but it looks like the last hope for November, Mitt Romney, will lose.

Florida Primary

Republicans have a chance to avert disaster today in Florida. Will they push McCain closer to the nomination and the November wipeout that will bring them? We'll know soon.