Thursday, January 31, 2008

$32 Million

Bloomberg is reporting that the Obama campaign raised $32 Million in January 2008.

$32 Million.

That is an absolutely astonishing number in itself, but more importantly he added 170,000 new donors in January. Most candidates would be lucky if they ever got 170,000 donors TOTAL in the life of a Presidential campaign. Obama now has had 650,000 individuals contribute to his campaign and most of those have not maxed out on their legal limit. The merits of the Obama candidacy can be debated at length but one thing is certain-- he has ignited a spirit in many people who have never been involved before. The Clinton Machine has already found out what that energy means. The ancient Kennedy clan even tore away from the Chivas long enough to sign up for the fun.

If my Republican friends have even a remote hope in November they better pray that Hillary! is the Democrat nominee. As we've said before, Obama is pumping out the same sewage as all the other leftists, but from him it smells like sweet perfume.