Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009? Get lost.

For us it was a year marked by loss, death, and disease. I prefer that it leave now. Quickly and silently.

I pray that 2010 is better in every way.
Maybe it will be a year as beautiful and distinctive as the glass art of Josh Simpson.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Clemson Wins Music City Bowl

Congratulations to Clemson University! The Tigers beat SEC representative University of Kentucky up in Nashville last evening 21-13. It was an entertaining contest from start to finish and the Tigers had just a one point lead when the great C.J. Spiller zipped in for a 4th quarter score that secured the win.
Spiller scores the final TD.
Details and more pictures in the Greenville News.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wonderful Life

Ah, Christmas week is here!

Time for the annual viewing of a Wonderful film co-starring the great Lionel Barrymore. As much as I enjoy that movie just once I'd like to see Mr. Potter win out. Pottersville looks like a pretty swingin' little burg after all.
"Merry Christmas to you... in jail!"

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sequel In May 2010

Were you a fan of the Iron Man movie with Robert Downey Jr.?
Well, the trailer for IM2 is out. Check it.

Can't wait 'til May. Hold it. I won't see it until I can get it from Netflix... so, I can't wait until this time next year when it comes out for Christmas 2010.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tin Ear, Or Marxist On A Mission?

Some days, many days, he doesn't look like he cares that big chunks of the country, left, right and center, are giving up on him.
Voters by a large margin have said for months they don't want the health-care overhaul he's pushing, so he pushes harder. They want less spending and debt, so he doubles down on pork, bailouts, handouts and taxes.

They thought he would deliver bipartisanship, and he gives his hard-left allies the keys to the kingdom.
They worry about terrorism, so he wants to close Gitmo and move the worst of the worst to the homeland. With Ground Zero still a mess, he gives the 9/11 plotters civilian trials in New York.
His approval ratings are speeding downhill and some 60 percent say the country is on the wrong track. He responds by giving himself a "good solid B-plus" for his first year.
And he says Wall Street bankers "don't get it."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Great Peril

USA Today reported the following on their website Tuesday afternoon:

President Obama, surrounded by Senate Democratic leaders, said today "we are on the precipice" of major health care changes, though "there are still some differences that have to be worked on."

For once I have to agree with the POTUS. Let's turn to the dictionary where we find the definition for...

precipice- 1. a cliff with a vertical, near vertical or overhanging face 2. a situation of great peril, a hazardous situation

Being close to a Democrat takeover of the US health care system is indeed a situation of great peril for the nation. Good call, Lord Zero.

Death Panel Sighting

Yesterday afternoon one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse arrived at the US Capitol building in Washington DC to collect Harry Reid's latest "health care" disaster.
This all may end with a whimper. Then the Democrats can tackle less controversial issues like, say, illegal immigration.
On a more positive note for DC Dems, the horseman of death gave Obama, Reid, and Pelosi "solid B+" grades. So, ya know, they got that goin' for them.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Blago Lives

Well, it seems like Blago is back. His lawyers want to know what Rahm, Val, Lordy O, and union thug boss Stern told the FBI. It's comforting to see BlagObamaRahmDrama return for the holidays. I wonder if O's 44% approval rating helps Blago's lawyers-- after all, the last time we heard from them Lord Zer0 had a 70% approval. The wheel has turned a few degrees.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Low Can He Go?

Rasmussen has Lord Obama at an astonishingly low approval rating. Even more troubling to the administration is the passion of the opposition--the "strongly disapprove" number is approaching 50% now while his "strongly approve" contingent is vanishing.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Enough about Tiger and the daily bimbo eruption. It's time for Boo Weekley.

He can play a little, he's a hoot and a half, and he's a good boy. Get on the Boo Weekley wagon.

While the world picks through Tiger's little black book, watch ya some Boo.

Listen to this clip and you'll be certain ol' Boo will never let ya down.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Big...

... will this story become?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

About Last Saturday

Saturday night Sarah Palin took time off from her book tour (31 stops in 25 states) to speak to the assembled media at the Gridiron Club dinner in DC. Andrew Malcolm at the LA Times reports that her approval numbers are now within a point of Lord Obama's. Here's the transcript of her remarks at the Gridiron dinner:

Text of Remarks by ex-Gov. Sarah Palin to the Gridiron Club, Dec. 5, 2009

Good evening. It’s great to be in Washington and I am loving the weather. I braved the elements and went out for a jog! Or, as Newsweek calls it, a cover-shoot.

It’s a privilege to be here tonight at the Washington DC Barnes & Noble. Tonight, I'll be reading excerpts from my new book. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? “Going Rogue” ... wasn’t sure if I’d go with that title and somebody suggested I follow the East Coast selfhelp trend and go with, “How To Look Like A Million Bucks…For Only 150 Grand.” Todd liked, “The Audacity of North Slope.” Hey, I considered not having a title at all. I’ve said it before, but you Beltway types just don’t seem to get it. You don’t need a title to make an impact.

But anyway, let’s get started. I’ll begin my first reading on Page 209. It was pitch black when we touched down in Arizona late on August 27, 2008. The next morning we drove to John McCain’s ranch in Sedona. John was waiting on the porch. Before he can say a word, I tell him, I'm quoting now:I know why I’m here, and I’m ready. But, I'm worried. The cost of credit protection for the largest U.S. banks is rising precipitously. Have you given any thought to the run on the entities in the parallel banking system? Do you realize the vulnerability created when these institutions borrow short term in liquid markets to invest long term in illiquid assets? John said, “You betcha!” I thought, “You betcha?” Who talks that way?Well, sometimes you just have to trust your instincts. When you don’t, you end up in places like this.

Who would have guessed that I’d be palling around with this group? At least now I can put a face to all the newspapers I read. It is good to be here and in front of this audience of elite journalists and intellectuals. Or, as I call it, a death panel.

To be honest, I had some serious reservations about coming to visit your cozy little club. The Gridiron still hasn’t offered membership to anyone from my hometown paper in Wasilla, the Matanuska-Susitna Valley Frontiersman. And my dad thought it was just a plain bad idea to leave the book tour for some football game. He might have a point!

I’ve been touring this great, great land of ours over the last few weeks. I have to say, the view is much better from inside the bus, than under it! But really, I am thrilled to be with you. And I’d like to thank the Gridiron for the invitation and Dick Cooper for his introduction. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy, this has to be the most extraordinary collection of people who have gathered to viciously attack me since the last corporate gathering at CBS.

Despite what you have read, or more likely, despite what you have written, I do feel a real bond with all of you. I studied journalism, earned a communications degree and for a time only wanted to be a journalist. I was even a television sportscaster back home. I’m guessing some of you probably got your start the exact same way… once there was television.

Let me get back to the book. I know that many of you are still upset because I wouldn’t play that silly Washington game. You know, the one where all of you read a book in its entirety, from the first page of the index to the last. But think about it, because you actually had to read the whole book in the vein hope of finding your name, you now know all about Denali, mom, dad, ungulate eyeballs, slaying salmon on the Nushagak and Ugashik near Alegnigak, where we make AGOOTAK and moose chili!

You’re welcome.

Still, I want to do something very special for this audience of Washington elite. So, I’ll read from the index--which I chose not to include in the hardback. Would you believe me if I said I didn’t include it because we wanted to save trees? Under A we have…Alaska, media not understanding. Pages 1-432. Under B…Biased media. Pages 1-432 And under C…Conservative media. See acknowledgments.

I’ll stop there.I know this can be a long night, and as I understand it, we’re going to break with a Gridiron tradition. Normally, the Democrat speaker would deliver a speech after me. But instead, John McCain’s campaign staff asked if they could use that time for a rebuttal. A lot has been made of a few campaign relationships. The closeness. The warm fuzzy feelings. John and I both agree all those staffers should just move past it. It’s history. Let’s just say, if I ever need a bald campaign manager, it appears all I’m left with is James Carville. I don’t want to say that I’ve burned a bridge, but I know all about cancelling a bridge to nowhere.

That Democrat speaker I referred to is, of course, the one-and-only Barney Frank. And I’m the controversial one? Barney, the nation owes you and the government a debt. A huge, historic, unbelievable debt.

But, it’s good to be here with you, Mr. Chairman. Because by Chairman, I don’t just mean the House Financial Services Committee. As far as I can tell, Barney’s also the Chair of AIG, CITI, and the Bank of America. I don’t want to say that the U.S. Government is taking over the role of the private sector, but I have to admit, on the flight here, thumbing through a magazine and looking at a photo of President Obama with the President of China, the person next to me pointed at it and said, “Hu’s a communist.” I thought they were asking a question.

Still, when I see this administration in action, I can’t help think of what might have been. I could be the Vice President overseeing the signing of bailout checks. And Joe Biden would be on the road, selling his new book, "Going Rogaine." Speaking of books….Did I mention mine? “Going Rogue” Makes a great stocking stuffer. Available now at a bookstore near you. Hey, I have to pay for my campaign vetting bill somehow.

Really, the response has been great. So I’ll close by reading a final passage. Page 403:I’ve been asked a lot lately, “Where are you going next?’Good question!Wherever I go I know that, as with anyone in the public eye, I’ll continue to have my share of disagreements with those in the media. Maybe even more than my share. It will come as no surprise that I don’t think I was always treated fairly, or equally.But despite that, I respect the media very much. It’s important. A free press allows for vigorous debate! And that debate is absolutely vital for our democracy.So as hard as it can sometimes be, we must all look past personal grievances. We must move beyond petty politics. And we must allow these incredibly talented and hard-working women and men to ask the hard questions and hold us, and our government, accountable.Because their mission is as true as the sun rising over the Talkeetna and Susitna Mountains.

OK – so none of that is actually in the book. Not a word. But I do believe it! And I believe we live in a beautiful country blessed with so many different people who want the best for their children, families and for our great nation. I’m so proud to be an American. And that is what I’ll be talking about when I travel to, really where I’m headed. No better place than here to announce where I’m going. I’m going to Iowa! I’ll be there tomorrow from noon to 3:00 pm at the Barnes & Noble on Sergeant Road in Sioux City. Come early. Long lines are expected.

Thank you everyone. God Bless the U.S.A!

Monday, December 7, 2009

How's It Workin' Out?

Last Friday, as happens every first Friday of the month, the employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics were released. Since the numbers showed the unemployment rate dropping slightly from 10.2% to 10.0% the legacy media gave a mighty "Huzzah for Lord Obama, mm mmm mm!" These were the same cheerleaders who gasped and moaned when unemployment ticked up from 4.4% to 4.5% during the prior administration. While we're happy that only 11,000 net jobs were estimated to be lost in November, it would take about 5 years of uninterrupted 250,000 PLUS jobs per month just to get the country back to the average rate during the Bush presidency-- that's how many jobs have been shed in the past 18 months or so.
Unpacking the BLS data (hey, you can have fun with stats too, kids-- just click that link!) shows that the rate ticked down due mainly to the fact that a large number of people who have looked for work in the past 12 months gave up trying in November. So, if the idea of economic recovery is to have more people sitting at home hoping for pocket change we're well on our way.
Cast your eyes to page 23 of the report for this bit of information: in the 12 months from Dec 2008 through Nov 2009 the print publishing business (Internet not included) lost over 86,000 jobs. That's in just one year. I'm not dancing on the grave of the print media business. I'm just pointing out a simple fact that in one year newspapers, books, and magazines shed 86,000 employees. While the administration says the worst is over know this: if that industry lost jobs at an annual rate like they did in November there would be a half million more media jobs gone by this time next year.
That likely won't happen because there aren't many more jobs to cut. Which brings me to the following points: 1) if job losses are slowing it's largely due to the fact that there aren't many employees left to shed. 2) if people have given up on finding a job then 3) you need a policy to prompt capital formation and spur job creation. You don't need a half day job forum dog and pony show followed by speeches castigating the private sector. The current policies in DC aren't the solution, they're the problem. Higher taxes, bigger government, and more onerous regulation and red tape chill employers and keep them from hiring. Add in that the most populous state in the union actively pursues policies that drive jobs away and it's a disaster.
A disaster that is made worse by the fact that it doesn't have to happen.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Job Forum Fun

Obama advisor and Chicago Machine pal Valerie Jarrett tells us that the fabulous Job Forum isn't just for the swells invited to the White House. No, we the little people can be part of this terrific groundswell movement of job creation. Lookee here what Val e-mailed:

"You can join the discussion by organizing your own jobs forum with your family, friends, and co-workers -- because these conversations can take place in living rooms and conference tables, not just arenas and convention centers."

So, I called a meeting of my staff this morning and the last miserable slacker to arrive got fired on the spot.
Sounds cruel?
No way!
I'm just doing my part. See, now that I've terminated the guy he can go look for work. When he finds a job his new employer will be able to report a job created by "stimulus". Then Slow Joe Biden can count it has 100 jobs created-- or maybe a thousand, who knows.
Hip, Hip, Hoo-fricken-ray for the centrally planned economy!

You're welcome Mr. President.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Silent Cal and Walter E. Williams

From the first day of this blog we've put a Coolidge quote in the header. Cal is a particular favorite around here. There are many great quotes from him that we could use, but the one we chose is succinct. He points out how important knowledge is as well as the ability to stay calm and avoid excessive oratory. We always thought it was funny in a world of blogs, cable TV shout shows, and 24 hour/day talk radio that our banner cautioned against saying too much. Humorous to us, but not many others. After all, we follow the perfect prescription for having few readers-- shut off comments and put a quote from the unjustifiably obscure Coolidge in the header.

This morning I was reading Walter E. Williams' latest column. (Walter is no stranger to talk radio and punditry. He guests on many shows and even guest hosts the biggest talk radio show in America a couple times a year.) It's interesting to read him on how important the knowledge of the individual is and how large institutions like government are ill equipped to make decisions for individuals. So why is there always a push from the power elites to make these decisions? Well, it has nothing to do with your health.

"There is only one reason for the forcible transference of decision-making authority over important areas of our private lives to elite decision-makers in Congress and government bureaucracies. Doing so confers control, power, wealth and revenue to society's elite. What's in the best interests of individual members of society, such as a person who'd rather launch a landscaping business than purchase a health insurance policy, ranks low on the elite's list of priorities."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pull Up A Chair

This sounds about right. Always finding laffs at Hope n' Change.

Coming Undone

In case anyone thought that Warmism wasn't a secular religion... here's how the designated jaw-jacker at 1600 Penn. Ave. reacts to the fact that 31,000 credentialed scientists are skeptical about man made climate change.

I had a dream last night where Senator Inhofe was chairing hearings into the perpetrators of the global warming hoax. It's just a dream, but billions of dollars and thousands of jobs have already been lost because of this junk science.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Before They Made It Nicer

Politico has a story re: 7 talking points about the Obama presidency that the White House does NOT want to take hold with the public. It's a pretty good list but The Politico writers couch it in pleasant terms like Monopoly Money, Mr. Spock, and Man in the Mirror.

So, as a helpful add-on, we have the 7 bullet points rewritten here so you can substitute the "real" term for each:

1. He's an economic illiterate and is trying to tax and spend America into prosperity like an idiot.

2. He's a cold-blooded, heartless S.O.B.

3. He runs a Chicago Democrat Machine thug operation from the White House.

4. He's a pansy.

5. He hates the United States-- or at least thinks there's nothing special about the country.

6. He's Pelosi's poodle.

7. He's an insufferable narcissist.

There. I'm pretty sure those are the unvarnished points the Politico was trying to make.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The more the people know about it, the more they don't want it.
Something else to be thankful for this year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Be thankful for this... the hoax of man made climate change has been exposed.
The end of this destructive scam? Now that's the kind of hope and change I can get behind.

Monday, November 23, 2009

As The Air Leaves The Hopey Changey Balloon

America's most accurate polling company, Rasmussen Reports, says today that their daily Presidential tracking poll has Lord Obama returning to his lowest approval number-- 46%.

53% now disapprove of the job he's doing, but more dangerous for Lordy O, the strongly disapprove number is now a big, stinkin' 41%.

A Tough 60

Under the current rules of the Senate a political party that controls 60 votes should have no trouble starting debate on any issue. When it took Sad Sack Harry until Saturday night to (apparently) secure the 60th vote from Blanche "Don't Call Me Abe" Lincoln, Byron York of The Ex was curious. Was it all a show? Was it a media stunt?

How could it be difficult to whip a 60 vote majority to vote "AYE" on nothing more than starting a debate?

Here's what Byron heard up on the hill.

Seriously, struggling to get 60 votes to start debate is like not being able to call the coin flip. I don't mean calling heads when it comes up tails. I mean not knowing that your choices are heads or tails. It doesn't point to a good conclusion for Sad Sack Harry-- which is why, just maybe, the stock market ended its 3 days of heavy selling this AM and bolted skyward.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tigers In Championship Game

Congratulations to the Clemson Tigers and their offensive dynamo, C.J. Spiller for the berth in the ACC Championship game against the Ramblin' Wreck. Go Tigers!
Don't worry about next week's game, fellas. Just think about Georgia Tech.
Next week in Columbia doesn't matter. Only winning December 5th in Tampa and an Orange Bowl bid to follow should be on your minds!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Over, Harry. You Just Don't Know It Yet

Senator Sad Sack produced his 2,074 page bill.

Blow "Taps" for the sorry political career of Senator Sad Sack.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Fresh Hell Is This?

Monica Crowley has a good roundup of the disastrous first ten months of Obamamerica.

The most recent disaster is the incredibly idiotic KSM Plus 4 decision. Vince Flynn just this morning suggested that, since the brand new court room at Gitmo isn't going to be used, we should try these germs in front of a three judge panel in a tiny wooden courthouse built by Amish craftsmen in the field in PA where UA 93 went down. Then KSM+4 can be executed by putting them atop a building slated for demolition. We pour 20,000 gallons of jet fuel in, fire it, and they get a choice: jump to your death or die of smoke inhalation.

As Mark Levin noted, that might be the plot of the next Mitch Rapp book.
In the meantime Vince's latest Mitch Rapp tale is out and the usual great read for those who think we're the good guys.

Monday, November 16, 2009

ObaMao & The Slow One

"Serve The People," sez the shirt.
"Fish sticks?" sez Slow Joe.

Get Outta Lou's Way

Let's say you had an employment contract that promised you compensation of $120,000 for the next 18 months of work. Then one day your employer says to you, "I'll pay you $80,000 today and you don't have to show up for work ever again. Oh, by the way, you can pocket the dough and go to work for someone else tomorrow if you want."

What would you do?

What if it was $1,200,000 for the next 18 months of work against $800,000 to go away?

Well, one lucky retirement age S.O.B. had an offer of $8 MILLION to leave his failing company today instead of getting $12 Million to keep working for the losers for another year and a half.

He took the money and ran so fast.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The War Is Back Home

"... if the war on terror refuses to go away as easily as the phrase we use for it did, the whole edifice of the Obama administration could come crashing down.
For instance, it seems likely that Obama has already suffered a rhetorical defeat. Whatever his faults, President Bush got to say one thing that the American people always appreciated: After 9/11, he kept us safe from a terrorist attack on the homeland. If Hasan acted as a Jihadist terrorist and not a disgruntled psychiatrist, Obama can't even make the same claim about his first year in office."

-Jonah Goldberg, 11/13/2009- The Politics of Fort Hood

But, don't worry, Lordy O's going to bring KSM and pals to NYC for trial in the US Courts. What could possibly go wrong with a plan that gives the world's most notorious terrorists the rights of a US citizen in our court system?

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Great show last night. The awards might not have come out the way I wished but, hey, I voted in it enough years to know how that works. ABC's production was first rate and almost every performance was excellent. Congratulations to Lady A for winning a big award with your debut album.

Glad to see Billy Gibbons on stage with B&D-- the song wouldn't be the same without him.
And King George providing The Possum's part on the Barbara Mandrell tribute by Martina was fantastic.

It was surreal watching a teenager win Entertainer of the Year over Strait, Chesney, Paisley, and Urban. But it's all part of the show.
As for me, I need a little more twang.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Keepin' It Classy As Usual

"The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning."
-Impeached and disgraced former president, William Blythe (AKA-Bill Clinton)

There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere

In a room full of horse hockey the Washington Examiner finds a pretty pony: burglaries are down. Why? Because so many men are out of work and out of money that they're sitting at home defending their property.

I knew Lord Obama would cut crime rates. Wotta Prez!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy World Freedom Day

We were living in the San Francisco Bay Area when Soviet Communism breathed its last. I remember watching the scenes unfold on television and noticing that none of the commentators seemed very happy about it. The people were celebrating their mass escape from tyranny but here in the United States the elites were displeased.
It didn't take much brain power to figure out why our intelligentsia were dismayed at the failure of communism, but if you still don't get it look at what San Fran Nan Pelosi did over the weekend.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Disconnected Leader

The must read on this sad day.
I must say, I was watching live, and I was appalled.
This guy is in way over his head.

Not The Nobel Prize, Put Pretty Darn Good

We are pleased to award Hillary Clinton First Place in the "I can sound just as dumb as Slow Joe Biden!" contest.

Her winning entry:

"I carry with me a personal conviction that nothing can be allowed to interfere with our determination and our resolve and our conviction."--Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Cairo, Egypt. Bloomberg, Nov. 5, 2009
Congratulations to Hillary for that excellent example of frontier gibberish.

And the winner in the visual category is President B.H. Obama for this classic:
That's just wrong on so many levels.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Those Must Be Great Boots

There are a million dumb stories to be found while sorting through the wreckage of "porkulus", "cash for clunkers" and the other assorted boondoggles and nitwittery of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid war on economic growth. This one is a beauty though. A shoe shop in Kentucky gets less than $900 in porkulus dough and Slow Joe's gang credits him with "saving or creating" nine jobs.

I guess we really can tax and spend our way to prosperity.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yankees, Red Sox, Corzine and Dirty Deeds

I didn't hang on every word and picture of last night's election coverage. I enjoy Jethro Gibbs more than that Gibbs feller who works for Obama. I'd rather watch NCIS-LA than washed-up Dems like Bob Beckel opining about election results. But, during commercials, I took a peak at the nation's #1 news channel and her sister business channel and every single time I looked they were talking about just 3 and a half races. The graphics also covered little more than the VA and NJ governor races, NY District 23, and the surprisingly close NYC mayor's race between an authoritarian imperialist nanny and some Democrat.

Admittedly I wasn't tuned in continuously for five hours, but I suspect very little was discussed in detail outside of VA, NJ and those 2 NY races. It's like the way ESPN covers MLB: Yanks, Sawx, Mets and a bunch of other no-name teams. We're used to it. But believe it or not, there were hundreds of other elections around the country yesterday. Some pretty interesting mayor races in Atlanta and Charlotte for example. The US Congressional District 10 race in Northern California held some interest. There were about seven statewide races in PA, a very blue state, and all but one was going to Republicans the last I looked. Don't misunderstand, I agree that the VA and NJ governor's races were the top stories of the day. I just find it odd that everything else was largely ignored.

A little race in our neighborhood was interesting. Our old friend Ralph Norman won back his SC District seat. Ralph gave up his seat a few years back to try to knock off crusty old John Spratt for the US Congress. He failed to get rid of our scourge Spratt but he came closer than anyone else has. Spratt, of course is the chief budget writer in Pelosi's House of Reps and represents a district that went for McCain and Bush twice in the past three elections. He campaigns as a "conservative" Democrat donning work boots and denim and putting his foot up on the wheel of his tractor as he talks all folksy to us in TV ads. Then he goes back to DC to do the bidding of SanFranNan.

So, Ralph winning his old seat back with 72% of the vote sets the stage for another run at Spratt some day. 2010? 2012? We'll see.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Voting

We are the "votingest" people I've ever seen here in the Palmetto State. If there is an election day we have something to vote on. Partly this is because nearly every statewide office is up for a vote by the people. By constitution the governor appoints pretty much nobody. This goes back to the time just after The War Between the States when citizens were worried that a powerful, Yankee-appointed governor could put a bunch of scalawags and carpetbaggers in all the state offices. So, there are party primaries for every office and then general elections and propositions plus local elections and on and on.

But this election day is different. We don't have a single thing to vote on. Our neighbors right up the road have a state congressional election-- but we got nuthin'. I have voter withdrawal today. Luckily, it's in the 70's and there isn't a cloud in the sky so I can be outside all day (with periodic looks at the trading screen) and think about things other than elections. I hear there's one in New Jersey, and another in Virginia, and one in New York that are getting lots of attention. In nearby Charlotte they're picking a new mayor-- the last one has been in office for fourteen years and is a likable chap. But, we have nothing to vote on here. Somehow we'll get by.

Monday, November 2, 2009

In The Zone

For two consecutive weeks I didn't watch any pro football. It wasn't a boycott, it was circumstantial. Two weeks ago my favorite team had a bye and I usually check out that week every season to rest up for the rigors of the rest of the drive to the playoffs. Ya gotta stay in shape to make it through a 16 game season plus playoffs, so taking your bye week is essential. Then last week I was at the beach and didn't see any games.

So yesterday I was ready for some football-- especially after Saturday's college disappointment.
I OD'd.

I watched 12 games.

Now you might wonder how a guy could watch all 12 games played-- eight 1PM starts and four 4PM starts. Simple. NFL Network RedZone.

I've been watching RedZone pretty much every week (save the past two) this season and can't imagine going without it. Not only do you see every touchdown and most every field goal as they happen but you get it all without any commercials. None. No ads. 12 games and not a single Viva Viagra or BudLite Tailgate Approved moment. And the painful chatter between announcers as teams huddle or referees gather to talk over the call? Gone. We have no time for that stuff because we go to San Diego, or Chicago, or Dallas or wherever there's a RedZone play to watch. And the kid who sits in the studio as ringmaster flies solo and really knows what's going on. He isn't there with six former players who all have to talk some too. It's just him and it's 95% snark-free. It's all football, all of the time. No unfunny comedy, no promos for shows you don't want to watch, and (did I say this?) no commercials.

If you're an NFL fan-- especially one who lives in a market where your favorite team isn't always on-- you have to watch RedZone. The only drawback-- you have to figure out when to break for food, beverage, and personal hygiene on your own. Everything else is taken care of for you, the fan.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I hope nothing scarier happens to you this weekend than this picture:

That leaves a lot of room for fright.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dreamliners Like Our Climate

Boeing announced yesterday that they will locate another plant in North Charleston. The final decision was between Everett, Washington and North Charleston, South Carolina. In the end Carolina prevailed and the 787 Dreamliner assembly line will provide a minimum of 3,800 direct jobs. Boeing must also invest a minimum of $750 Million to qualify for the incentive package. The deal is likened to the highly successful BMW deal under Governor Campbell in the early 1990's.

The State newspaper (Columbia, SC) explains:

"Boeing, based in Chicago, said it chose North Charleston over Everett, Wash., because the location worked best as the company boosts production of the mid-size jet, designed to carry up to 250 passengers.
Boeing already operates a factory in North Charleston that makes 787 parts and owns a 50-percent stake in another plant there that also makes sections of the plane.
For years, Boeing has discussed the possibility of expanding production of the 787 to meet demand for the plane, its best-selling new aircraft to date. About 55 airlines have ordered some 840 of the planes since the program was launched in 2003 - far more than any other Boeing plane at the same stage of development. Delays have set the project back at least two and a half years."

Of course not everyone is as happy as Palmetto State citizens. Out in beautiful Washington, once the home of Boeing headquarters before their move to Chicago, there was much grumbling.

The State again:

"Boeing picked South Carolina, the third least-unionized state in the country... after failing to reach a no-strike deal with Seattle-area workers. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers shuttered Boeing factories four times in 20 years with walkouts, including a two-month strike in 2008.
"We are astounded that Boeing has chosen to compound the problems of the 787 program by further fragmenting the supply chain," said Ray Goforth, executive director of ...IFPTE Local 2001 in Seattle."

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire called it "obviously a very disappointing day."

But South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford saw it differently, "Just as the similarly monumental BMW investment catalyzed a now extensive automotive presence across South Carolina more than 15 years ago, we believe Boeing landing decisively in North Charleston will spur on an already growing aerospace hub in our state."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Slows Around, Joes Around

The other day Slow Joe Biden was flying around in Lower Botswana or wherever it is they're trying to hide ol' Plugs the Human Gaffe Machine these days. The few unlucky schlub reporters assigned to the Veep Beat asked Slow for a comment on Dick Cheney's speech the night prior-- the one where Cheney blistered the O Team for dithering on Afghanistan. Joey started to say "Who cares what Dick Cheney thinks!?!" But, he stopped himself and said he wouldn't give them that headline.
Well, unfortunately for the Slowest of the Joes, Gallup has a headline for their latest polling. Seems like when you compare favorability ratings for the last three US Vice Presidents, in the first year of their service, you get these stats:

Cheney 65%
Gore 55%
Biden 45%

The good news for Joe is that his first year isn't over yet. As the host of "Survivor" might yell at him, "Don't stop! You can still win this!!"

And, if he doesn't, maybe Lordy O can let him polish his Nobel Peace Prize (TM).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Obama Presidential Library

Back from the beach and the first thing I see is that the esteemed University of Chicago has approached Lord Obama about locating his presidential library there.

I can see why they want it. After all, he's a Nobel Peace Prize (TM) winner!

Besides, it ought to be a pretty interesting tourist stop. Nobody ever seems to be able to find anything the guy wrote in his brief career, so I suspect it will be focused more on hands-on exhibits, and videos than, ahem, documents. They'll probably have a theater where you can watch a hologram of Rev. Wright preachin' and teachin'. Of course, you'll get up and leave just before he says anything controversial. Another feature could be a lifesize recreation of a Weather Underground couple's Hyde Park, Illinois living room where you can sit and listen to Marxists drone on about how horrible America is. When they stop talking you ask them for campaign contributions so you can bring CHANGE to this abysmal nation.

But, the greatest feature will be the room where you can stand at a podium and read soaring yet empty rhetoric written by Dave Axelrod off a teleprompter. As you look out at a computer generated adoring crowd they'll chant the name you've typed into a computer to activate the attraction. So, instead of OH-BOMB-AHH, they'll chant, for example, MIS-TER-DART. Pretty cool stuff. They're working on a way to make sure nobody can make the crowd chant something like: YER-AH-FRAWD!

I can't wait. I HOPE they start building it toot sweet.

Friday, October 23, 2009

R.I.P. Soupy Sales

He was born Milton Supman on Jan. 28, 1926 in Franklinton, North Carolina. But when I was a wee lad, watching a fuzzy black and white TV picture coming in through rabbit ears from far away exotic Detroit, he was Soupy Sales. The SoupMan's show was everything Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room, and school for that matter, were not. He was pure chaos. It was happening live, on the fly, in front of your little kid eyes. Constant motion, nothing calm, Black Fang and White Tooth were "Roo, Aroo, Aroo, Aroo"-in'. And we were screamin' even before the first pie flew. It was crazy fun when there didn't have to be a deeper meaning.
Like The 3 Stooges it was slapstick and juvenile. Girls didn't like it much as I recall. Parents discouraged it as comedy for dumb kids. Of course, this only made it more fun for us-- it was a little boy's thing. No girls or frowning parents allowed. (Which of course meant lots of college kids and some dads loved it too!)

People just a little bit younger only know him as a New York/ Hollywood game show guy. But for those of us who saw Soupy Sales when he did local TV for us 50's kids--- well, it's a big deal that Soupy Sales is dead at 83.
Ghoulardi's been gone for a while now. Soupy joins him. We're gettin' old. But, you knew that.