Monday, June 15, 2009

When Doofus Sells Hooey

There's one overwhelming problem with sending Slow Joe Biden out over a weekend to defend that sad centerpiece of Obamanomics: Porkulus. That problem would be that he doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. Not even a little bit.

But there's also an underlying problem. The whole thing's a fraud.

Slow Joe said that "everyone guessed wrong" about the efficacy of the gigantic spending plans of Obama. Meaning, we thought this would work and clearly it ain't. Well, who's this "everyone" Joey? The million plus people who took to the streets at Tea Parties didn't buy it. You couldn't get a single Republican in the House to vote for it and in the Senate you only got The Maine Gals and Benedict Arlen. Memo to Slow Joe-- that ain't "everybody."

The excellent commentator on events of the day, Innocent Bystanders, details the exhaustive work done by Team Obama to come up with the figure of $800Billion to $1 Trillion. Basically they took a Wild Ass Guess based on a faulty assumption. So, hey, what could possible go wrong?

I guess you could look at the above chart-- based on Lord Obama's plan, his estimate of the horrors of no porkulus, and the actual results-- and conclude two things:

1) Unemployment rates would be far better if we hadn't deployed the Obama Recovery Plan.

2) Their guess was total crap pulled out of their collective @$$e$.

And that, again, is from their own estimate. Our conclusions are less charitable.

But really, Slow Joe, "everyone guessed wrong"???

Governor Sanford didn't.

Senator DeMint didn't.

Just to name a couple off the top of my head...

Chart from Innocent Bystanders.