Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Demographic Shifts

Way back in the fall of 1971 I went off to college. At that time 61% of all degrees awarded in the USA went to men and 39% went to women.

Last Saturday I attended the graduation of one of My 3 Sons. Now, nationally, 59% of all degrees awarded are going to women and 41% go to men. The projection for 2019 is a complete reversal of the 1971 statistics with 61% of degrees going to women and 39% going to men.

Why the change? I surmise it's mainly for two reasons. First, women are encouraged more to aspire to an education and those careers that require a degree. But as powerful a reason is the rise of a computerized, high tech world. I think that many men graduating from high school see that there are decent paying careers available for them in technology that require a tech school education rather than a traditional college degree program.

Beyond these two reasons is a bigger, looming issue-- the roles of men and women in modern Western Civilization. Those roles have changed a great deal, as have birth rates, since I set out for college back when Nixon was in the White House.