Thursday, September 9, 2010

Still Rockin'

Two years ago Elizabeth Dole found herself in a tough battle as she tried to hold onto her seat in the US Senate. A cipher named Kay Hagen was polling well and Liddy was in trouble of being swept under in the Obama tide. Chuckie Schumer and the DSCC threw some money into the race for an attack ad against Dole-- what was known as the rockin' geezers at Wally's fillin' station ad. Take a look here.

Well, these are different days. The same two boys are in a new ad for Republican Senator Richard Burr, and it's a winner.

"Boy we sure got it wrong last time!"

"Some hope and change!"

And, thankfully, they are on their front porch and not down at a place that exists only in a Washington DC/ New Yorker's stereotype of the South.

Now that Andy Griffith has seen his favorability numbers in NC drop by 25 points thanks to his touting the Bev Perdue for Governor campaign and then Obamacare, these two old boys are now the go-to source for elderly wisdom in the Old North State.

I appreciate it!