Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who Ya Got?

Every day on sports radio/ TV talking heads make bold predictions about who will win the upcoming games. Nobody can tell the truth, which is, "I don't know." Instead they have to be certain to the point of belittling anyone who picks the opposite way. It is as worthless an exercise as anything on TV and yet, as sports fans, we watch.

At the start of this baseball season I made my own bold predictions. Unlike many of the TV pickers, I will tell you how I did. It wasn't purty.

Of the eight teams going to the baseball playoffs I only picked 3 correctly.

I got the Phillies winning the NL East and the Braves taking the NL wild card right while

picking the Tampa Bay Rays to be the wild card from the AL--- they actually won the East.

My World Series contenders were Boston (winning over) St. Louis. Neither even made the playoffs. Colorado and Detroit also came up shorter than I predicted.

But my worst pick was the Seattle Mariners to win the AL West. They were eliminated sometime in the spring. Ugh-lee.

But the playoffs start this week and new hope springs eternal.

Of course, I have no idea who will win, but I'd enjoy a Giants v. Rangers World Series. The worst matchup for my interest would be New York v. Philly. So, the Yanks & Phils will probably meet in the World Series.