Monday, November 1, 2010


On election eve, we predict:

--Republicans will gain 74 seats in the House of Representatives-- the biggest such win since the 1920's

--Republicans will gain 10 seats in the Senate to narrowly take control 51-49

Close to home, the SACK SPRATT signs come true and Mick Mulvaney wins by 8 points

Looks like the Republicans will have 65 plus pick-ups in the House and 6,7, or 8 pick-ups in the Senate. Ten governorships flip to the R's and many state legislatures. What a massive change.

Here at home, ol' John Spratt was indeed sacked by a 10 point margin, 55-45, by Mick Mulvaney.

Republicans won every single race on the statewide ballot, most notably Nikki Haley our great new Governor.

The Congressional delegation now consists of 2 Republican Senators, 5 Republican Representatives, and 1 lone Democrat, Jim Clyburn. Even our state Representative, the longest serving legislator in Columbia, lost re-election to his Republican opponent.