Sunday, November 30, 2008

On The Shelf

Reading the Sunday Metrolina Disturber this AM I came across a couple of pages of Holiday Gift Books. I perused the thumbnail reviews. I guess nothing says Merry Christmas quite like: The Dark Side- The Inside Story of How a War On Terror Turned Into a War On American Ideals... 400 pages from Doubleday. Now, of course, this was written by some left-wing ink-stained wretch who swings her anti-American hatchet with a left hand made strong from years of constant use. To each her own, I say. It's still a free country.

But imagine if the shelf space devoted to this crap was taken up this year by books about... the dirty nuke detonation that eliminated the port of Long Beach and forced the evacuation of millions from the LA basin and the deaths of a quarter million US citizens or... the radioactive crater where O'Hare airport used to be and the deaths of 100,000 or... the evacuation of Houston due to that containerized freight ship that detonated in the port and made south Texas uninhabitable-- millions relocated and jobless or... the half dozen suicide bombers who walked into a crowded restaurant just off Capitol Hill in DC and killed six Senators, 11 members of the US House, three dozen Congressional aides, and seven national political reporters known to all Americans-- leading to the cordoning off of DC by the US military or... the simultaneous gunmen attacks on ten assisted-care and nursing home facilities in Florida thereby terrorizing thousands of family and friends of those vulnerable senior citizens or... just imagine...

So, let her write her idiotic thumb-sucker book in her warm, safe, comfortable study. But don't forget what it takes to make Americans so isolated from danger that they can write and read such infantile piffle.

Pictured- The interiors of Nariman House, Mumbai headquarters of the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch movement, are seen after the commando operation in Mumbai, India, Saturday, Nov. 29, 2008. With corpses still being pulled from a once-besieged hotel, India's top security official offered his resignation Sunday as the government struggled under growing accusations of security failures following terror attacks that rocked the nation. (AP)