Friday, November 21, 2008


I always enjoy seeing petrophobes declaring their love for the "electric car" and portraying it as a savior from the great evil: oil. Lord Obama, while campaigning, pledged umpteen zillion electric cars on the roads by whenever... because, you know, Presidents control the means of production and can, by edict, change what consumers buy. Wait. We might be getting closer to that day. Hmmm.

So now the San Francisco Bay Area, where we lived for about 8 years, is declaring that they will be the nation's electric car leader. One of the reasons we fled California is that the state is unable to provide reliable electric power for the needs of the citizenry. Gray Davis has the year of the "Gray-outs" to blame for the ruin of his brilliant political career. You haven't lived until you have your power bill go from $200/ month to $600/ month and the lights are dimming. Good fun in a state run by Democrats.

Petrophobes never seem to know where energy actually comes from, they just know they hate gasoline powered automobiles. But they are often the same people who block building nuclear power plants, damming rivers for hydro power, building coal-fired power plants, and pretty much everything short of a windmill. And they hate windmills too if they're visible from their home or along their daily commute in their Prius.

Good luck California. You'll need it. And you people that flee to the few remaining "Red States"... please don't vote for the same kind of nitwits that ruined the place you're leaving once you get here.