Thursday, December 3, 2009

Job Forum Fun

Obama advisor and Chicago Machine pal Valerie Jarrett tells us that the fabulous Job Forum isn't just for the swells invited to the White House. No, we the little people can be part of this terrific groundswell movement of job creation. Lookee here what Val e-mailed:

"You can join the discussion by organizing your own jobs forum with your family, friends, and co-workers -- because these conversations can take place in living rooms and conference tables, not just arenas and convention centers."

So, I called a meeting of my staff this morning and the last miserable slacker to arrive got fired on the spot.
Sounds cruel?
No way!
I'm just doing my part. See, now that I've terminated the guy he can go look for work. When he finds a job his new employer will be able to report a job created by "stimulus". Then Slow Joe Biden can count it has 100 jobs created-- or maybe a thousand, who knows.
Hip, Hip, Hoo-fricken-ray for the centrally planned economy!

You're welcome Mr. President.