Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Silent Cal and Walter E. Williams

From the first day of this blog we've put a Coolidge quote in the header. Cal is a particular favorite around here. There are many great quotes from him that we could use, but the one we chose is succinct. He points out how important knowledge is as well as the ability to stay calm and avoid excessive oratory. We always thought it was funny in a world of blogs, cable TV shout shows, and 24 hour/day talk radio that our banner cautioned against saying too much. Humorous to us, but not many others. After all, we follow the perfect prescription for having few readers-- shut off comments and put a quote from the unjustifiably obscure Coolidge in the header.

This morning I was reading Walter E. Williams' latest column. (Walter is no stranger to talk radio and punditry. He guests on many shows and even guest hosts the biggest talk radio show in America a couple times a year.) It's interesting to read him on how important the knowledge of the individual is and how large institutions like government are ill equipped to make decisions for individuals. So why is there always a push from the power elites to make these decisions? Well, it has nothing to do with your health.

"There is only one reason for the forcible transference of decision-making authority over important areas of our private lives to elite decision-makers in Congress and government bureaucracies. Doing so confers control, power, wealth and revenue to society's elite. What's in the best interests of individual members of society, such as a person who'd rather launch a landscaping business than purchase a health insurance policy, ranks low on the elite's list of priorities."