Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Seconds To Debunk

Moments ago I had the sound up on FBN where Stuart Varney was interviewing the President of the Vermont Senate about his state's move to shut down its nuclear power plant. The angle for Varney going into the interview was that it's odd that leftist VT is doing this at the same time that our leftist POTUS is pushing (supposedly) for more nuclear power generation in America.

The whole thing went about the way you would figure until Varney pressed the senator for the third or fourth time on where Vermont will get the electricity it needs if it shuts down this plant. The senator trotted out the usual suspects of "renewables" and seemed to really like the idea of solar power. He pointed to Germany's solar success as a reason that Vermont can get a large amount of electricity from the sun. I was still musing on the likelihood of Vermont Greens OK'ing having their land paved over with solar panels when the guy said that Germany currently gets 30% of its power from solar. That set off an alarm. 30% ? I would have guessed that Germany gets less than 5% from solar.

Ten seconds of research showed that Mr. Vermont was full of it. Germany currently gets just 1% of its electricity from the sun.

30% 1% Big difference.

Just a few years ago one would hear such horse crap and not be able to verify that it was totally made up. What a difference the Internet makes.

I expect that Pat Leahy and Bernie Sanders won't be the only dim bulbs in Vermont soon.