Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Obama Presidential Library

Back from the beach and the first thing I see is that the esteemed University of Chicago has approached Lord Obama about locating his presidential library there.

I can see why they want it. After all, he's a Nobel Peace Prize (TM) winner!

Besides, it ought to be a pretty interesting tourist stop. Nobody ever seems to be able to find anything the guy wrote in his brief career, so I suspect it will be focused more on hands-on exhibits, and videos than, ahem, documents. They'll probably have a theater where you can watch a hologram of Rev. Wright preachin' and teachin'. Of course, you'll get up and leave just before he says anything controversial. Another feature could be a lifesize recreation of a Weather Underground couple's Hyde Park, Illinois living room where you can sit and listen to Marxists drone on about how horrible America is. When they stop talking you ask them for campaign contributions so you can bring CHANGE to this abysmal nation.

But, the greatest feature will be the room where you can stand at a podium and read soaring yet empty rhetoric written by Dave Axelrod off a teleprompter. As you look out at a computer generated adoring crowd they'll chant the name you've typed into a computer to activate the attraction. So, instead of OH-BOMB-AHH, they'll chant, for example, MIS-TER-DART. Pretty cool stuff. They're working on a way to make sure nobody can make the crowd chant something like: YER-AH-FRAWD!

I can't wait. I HOPE they start building it toot sweet.