Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Slows Around, Joes Around

The other day Slow Joe Biden was flying around in Lower Botswana or wherever it is they're trying to hide ol' Plugs the Human Gaffe Machine these days. The few unlucky schlub reporters assigned to the Veep Beat asked Slow for a comment on Dick Cheney's speech the night prior-- the one where Cheney blistered the O Team for dithering on Afghanistan. Joey started to say "Who cares what Dick Cheney thinks!?!" But, he stopped himself and said he wouldn't give them that headline.
Well, unfortunately for the Slowest of the Joes, Gallup has a headline for their latest polling. Seems like when you compare favorability ratings for the last three US Vice Presidents, in the first year of their service, you get these stats:

Cheney 65%
Gore 55%
Biden 45%

The good news for Joe is that his first year isn't over yet. As the host of "Survivor" might yell at him, "Don't stop! You can still win this!!"

And, if he doesn't, maybe Lordy O can let him polish his Nobel Peace Prize (TM).