Monday, January 4, 2010

2010. And so it begins.

I've always believed that the new year doesn't actually begin on January 1, it begins on the first work day after January 1st. So here we are. Could we get a few more days off, please? No? Harumph.

It's been since December 17th that I wrote anything here about our president, Lord Zero. I accomplished this, for the most part, by not writing anything at all. Frankly, by the end of November I was to the point that if I heard another word about "Healthcare Reform" my eyes were going to glaze over-- just before I drove the ice picks in. And those DC dopes went right up to Christmas Eve with their electoral deathwish debacle. By the way, the whole thing isn't about "healthcare" it's about power and control... and it isn't about "reform" since, by definition, reform means improvement. But you knew that.

Then, the day after the 60 vote "victory" by Sad Sack Reid and company we get the Detroit plane bomber. Merry Christmas. At the time I believed that the next few weeks would be a discussion about process and, so far, I've been correct. Unfortunately. Look, we can't harden every target in the (formerly) free world. But one thing we must do is be forward leaning and on the hunt for those who would do us grave harm. The people of the United States elected, for various reasons, a guy who is 180 degrees from what you need if you want to fight back against the terror masters. He isn't about to keep Gitmo open, fire Holder for the lunacy of giving KSM et al citizen's rights in our court system, fire Bruno Napolitano (I'd look up the spelling but I don't care enough) for being a tool, and so on.

Our enemies know what we know-- Lord Zero's a weakling. Hell, they didn't even haul the terrorist who blew his bait and tackle off in the airplane to a facility for strenuous interrogation. It's bad enough when, what Mark Steyn called "The Flying Dutchman", is your "system" that "worked". It's far worse that the captured enemy combatant was treated like a guy busted for selling crack on the street corner. Lawyered up and silent.
Rolling over and showing a soft belly to the perpetrators of evil gets people killed. A president with an enormous need to be adored by the world is a very dangerous thing.