Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The Governor of California is reported to be ready to ask Washington DC for a bailout for the formerly golden state. Rasmussen polled this issue and found that 27% said "OK", 55% said "no way", and 17% said "huh...wha?"

All I can say is if you ask the citizens of 49 states to pay for the out-of-control spending in Sacramento you will have a revolution that will make the Tea Parties of 2009 look tame. I'm not sure anyone in DC gets it yet. The California delegation is enormous and they will apply pressure to hand over dough to California but... if this bailout happens the word secession will be heard in the United States. And it won't be a joke.

The largest city in our county has an unemployment rate of 23%. The county just south of ours has a countywide unemployment rate of 25%. If the Dems in DC think they can take money from us and send it California in the form of a bailout they are nuts. Dodd and Dorgan are just the beginning.