Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Dumb?

For my entire life Democrats and their lapdog media have put Republicans in one of two boxes. R's were either, 1) stupid, or 2) evil. The really best Republicans got the honor of being in both boxes.

I'm 56. I was born when Eisenhower was president. You youngsters might not know this but Ike, the leader of the victorious allied forces in WWII, was firmly placed in Box #1 by the press and their Democrat Party masters. Hard to believe, isn't it. But he was portrayed as disengaged, out of it, and far too busy playing golf to be in charge of the weighty matters of state. His electoral opponent was Adlai Stevenson who was portrayed as an egghead. Seriously, he was more brilliant than Kerry, Gore, Clinton (he & she) combined. When he lost twice it was because the idiotic American voters didn't appreciate his brilliance and opted for the grandfatherly Ike. To this day the 50's are portrayed in B&W. Boring. Dull. Just like Ike. Actually, I was there, and the 50's were fantastic. It was the late 60's-- 67 on-- that stunk.

Anyway, back to the thesis:

Nixon? He was too smart and cunning to be in box #1. He was always a box 2 guy-- evil.

Ford? Played football too long without a helmet the intelligentsia sneered. Get into Box #1, Jerry. On SNL Chevy Chase portrayed Ford, probably the best athlete-president as a bumbler who fell down once every minute. SNL lying about a Republican is hard to believe, I know.

Dole was Ford's running mate in 1976 and he was, of course, evil. Pure evil and mean. By 1996 when he ran against Clinton he was less evil and more doddering old dummy. Lucky guy got to fit in both boxes and never won a national election.

Reagan was portrayed as dumb. A "B" actor, doncha know. Later on when he clobbered them in two elections straight it was harder to call him stupid. If you lose in landslides to Box 1 guys you have to move them to Box #2 before somebody asks why you keep losing to idiots. Ronnie fit in box 2 because he was opposed to the tyranny of the state. Dems and the ink-stained wretches like state-run tyranny over The People, so... evil he became. He brought down the Soviet Union. If you spent much time in "J" school or Dem political salons that qualified you for evilness all by itself.

George H.W. Bush was a wimp. That's how they portrayed him. His heroism in WWII was at least the equal of JFK's, but where the PT 109 fella was a God, GHWB was just wimpy. Wimpy is a corollary to Box 1, stupid. Lord, they even lied about him and a grocery scanner to make you think he was out-of-touch and dumb. Of course, after he left office he became a pretty good guy. (If he had gone out and campaigned for Scott Brown last week he would have gotten stupid again, btw.)

His VP was Dan Quayle. A great resume has Dan Quayle-- look it up. Every step along the way Dan was one of the youngest guys ever to achieve the goal in question. But today even Republicans think Dan is dumb-- so complete was their character assassination of him.

Dubya? You mean DumbYa. And evil too. But not as evil as Cheney, of course. Palin? McCain? You know the answers.

At some point I would think a fairly intelligent person who votes Democrat every election might stop and say, "Hey, wait a minute. Somebody's pulling a fast one on me."

Of course, some do begin to think for themselves. Some of those people look at this Coakley woman in MA and realize that, when asked about her foreign policy experience she referred to a sister who has been to England and the Middle East. She then proclaimed that there are no terrorists in Afghanistan. She even thought Curt Schilling was a Yankee.

Yes, she sounds stupid enough to be a Republican. But today, to the Dems and their legacy press pals, she's still sharp as a tack.

If she loses?

Then she'll be the dumbest woman on Earth.