Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dinner With Slow Joe and The Mrs.

Sunny, clear, 40 degrees and windy-er than Sheecargo today. They keep showing pictures of WashDC on the TV insert on my trading screen. I lurve the fact that they have called a 3rd straight snow day at the US Capitol bldg. The public is never safe any day that congress is in session so-- we're good!

But, with all that snow, I can't stop imagining Slow Joe Biden trapped in his house and unable to get out of his drifted-in driveway. You know Lord Zero sure isn't going to send a plow over to free him. In fact, when Joey called in to tell the White House he couldn't get out Herr Gibbells pranked him and told him the storm had knocked the wires down on the cell phones and they couldn't hear him. He bought it.

So, stuck in his house with just his own self and the lovely Dr. Biden, what do ya suppose they chow down on? I'm guessing microwave popcorn, hot pockets, and a six of Bud Lite.