Friday, February 26, 2010

Sob, snort, sob.

On the Monday after The Super Bowl every year America has a grand debate about all the new commercials they saw between the football action. Today the nation is debating "which Democrat had the best sob story" during Lord O's "healthcare" dog 'n' pony show.

My money is on the crusty old gal from the House who told of a constituent who uses her dead sister's dentures. That's pretty hard to top. Still it was funny to listen to someone as erudite and clear-headed as, say, Paul Ryan give a great presentation only to be followed by one of the dozens of "my constituents are so poor they can't afford chewing gum" stories from the D's.

These are our elected representatives. For shame.
Sorry, sir. No flying monkeys. Will you accept this monkey that goes round and round in circles?