Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh, If Only Someone Would Talk to Them...

You may have heard that the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan was bombed Monday. As I type this there are six known dead and dozens wounded. Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch attributes this to the seething rage over the cartoon depictions of Mohammed-- which Robert refers to as Motoon Rage. He's almost certainly correct, although I haven't seen any group claim this atrocity for their very own. On one of the recent pronouncements from al Qaeda leader Dr. Z, that nutbar "called for attacks on Danish targets in response to the publication of caricatures in Danish newspapers depicting the Prophet Muhammad" according to the AP. I take the reporting of the AP with a block of salt, but I'll trust them on this one.

So, you say, terrorists have killed six people and injured many more in Pakistan but otherwise there wasn't much activity on the Islamic terrorist front over the past few days. That would be wrong. For example, looking at just the last 7 days (5/26-6/1/2008) on the grid at The Religion of Peace we find that there have been Islamic terror attacks in Somalia, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Thailand, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, The Philippines and Yemen. Total known dead from those 38 separate terror attacks is, roughly, 157. That's before this attack on the Danish embassy in Islamabad. How many of those did you hear about since Memorial Day? For me, I think the total was one. Basically, it doesn't get reported but there are, on average, 3 to 4 Islamic terror attacks in the world every single day.