Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This Is Too Good

Back on May 30, 2008 I addressed the "Lost Amazon Tribe" here. My point back then was that it was a depiction of what our future will be like with the Cap & Trade/ Global Warming crowd in control. Living naked in grass huts, digging in the ground for acorns to eat, getting a drink of water off a leaf, chasing a lizard for din-din... hey, it might not sound all that great but our CARBON FOOTPRINTS WOULD BE SOOO TEENY TINY IT WOULD BE SO WORTH IT! Meanwhile the Pope of Warmism, Al Gore his own self, is cranking through nearly 18,000 kWh/ month at his Nashville area digs. Go figure.

Anyway, here's the coolest part of this continuing story. Last Sunday it was reported that the photographer who circulated those pictures, José Carlos Meirelles, was perpetrating a hoax. No, he didn't hire a bunch of people to dress up and act like this "lost tribe". But he did report that nobody knew they were there when actually people have known they were there for about a hundred years now. Here's the best part. Meirelles embellished the story (ok, he lied) to get the world to stop logging in the Amazon. It was a ploy so that in the salons of London, New York, San Francisco etc. Warmists who have never done a day of labor in their life would say, "We must stop this infernal destruction of the Amazon rainforest Tiffany! Look at these lads in these pictures! We simply must let them be to live their pure and simple... by the way, when is Sting coming by for drinks again?"
See the beautiful symmetry of this. Just like Warmism, it ain't science, it's politics!