Monday, January 5, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Remember how Rev. Wright, who ranted about how horrible America is, was a mysterious figure to Lord Obama? He didn't seem to know where all that crazy rantin' came from, since in the 20 years he had been hangin' out in the Rev's church he'd never heard anything like that!

Of course domestic terrorists, Mr. & Mrs. Ayers were just some people from the Lord's Hyde Park, IL neighborhood. In fact, just about everybody that Obama knew who had any unwelcome questions asked about them ended up being nothing like the person that Obama knew. Or thought he knew. The legacy press, concerned about how these revelations might hurt their chosen candidate, swept it all under the rug.

All of which makes it pretty funny to see how Team Obama reacts to the news that the big hombre they picked for Commerce Secretary, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, has a big enough scandal brewin' that he needs to vamoose: Obama Team Feels Richardson Wasn't Forthcoming About Investigation Before Being Offered Commerce -ABC News