Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cheer Up! You Won!

Over the past few weeks I've been away from the daily news more than at any time in the past decade. Many duties called me away from reading, listening, and viewing current events so now I'm in catch-up mode. One quick impression has formed regarding the period since the inauguration-- the left-leaning base just doesn't seem very happy. In fact, despite having control of all of Washington DC they seem as bitter as usual.

Now, I'm a big believer that many on the left are self-loathing types to start with-- in fact, that trait might be at the root of their notion that we don't need more liberty and freedom but we do need more state control of every aspect of our lives. Code Pink/ Daily Koz /Move-On types are a pretty miserable sort, and they really hate those of us who are generally happy. So, it isn't strange that they aren't very joyful, I guess. But, still, they just won the presidency with a guy who had the #1 most-liberal voting record in the US Senate. In the first week he's told the world that we will go in repose against Islamic terror, he's had a Secretary State declare that "Global Climate Change" is a key priority of the State Department, and he's taken our tax money to pay for more abortions around the world. It seems that's just the sort of claptrap that the left was begging for-- but grin they do not.

Now Lord O proposes that the citizens of states who managed their budgets correctly must send money to Washington to be disbursed to Deep Blue states that spent (and continue to spend) way beyond their means. We're supposed to bail-out California, New Jersey, New York et al. If I wanted to pay money to Sacramento I wouldn't have moved away from The Golden State in the first place. All of this, and more, on top of taxpayer money to the UAW-burdened automakers and other losing business plans. Still, not a smile from the hard-core left.

Lord Obama's biggest problems are going to come from his left. They have convinced themselves that every problem in the world, right down to the weather, has been caused by George W. Bush. In the deepest regions of their flaccid brains they probably know they're full of it-- some of 'em might realize it anyway. Their leader isn't helping either. Why would he pick a fight with a radio talk show host? Did GWB pick fights with media members who criticized him daily? Dan Rather tried to stop his re-election with an obvious fake document and President Bush never spoke about it directly. It seems very petty and small-minded for a fresh, young, energetic new president to be taking shots at commentators. He needs to be above that.
Obama's going to roll a very socialist agenda out in the first three months of his administration and my impression is that many on the left know it has to work or they're way up a river without any HOPE of return.
It won't work.
It never has.
And now they're realizing that it's more fun to be out of power, mindlessly screaming "Nazi! Fascist!" at your opponents than it is actually putting your far left policy prescriptions to the test. That makes them nervous and grim.
At least that's my impression from a distance.