Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Global Warming Please

It is so cold in Alaska that planes can't fly. They have a thing called ice fog-- the air gets so cold that fog freezes in the air.

Meanwhile in Europe Czar Putin is taking the opportunity of extremely cold weather to cut off natural gas to The Ukraine. Having done that they also blame The Ukraine for the problem as it spills over into the nations in "Old Europe". Not coincidentally those countries will decide who gets into their EU club.

And, throughout all of this, we await the inauguration of Lord Obama who has at the top of his stack a Green Agenda to halt Global Warming. And make the oceans recede or some such.

My question to the Lord and his minions and handmaidens, "How much colder would it be this winter around the globe if we hadn't been driving SUV's the past 30 years? Would it be 50 below instead of 25 below? Do tell, please."
I sometimes wonder if some of the enviro-Marxists ever admit to themselves how full of it they are. Maybe they're just totally dishonest.