Thursday, July 30, 2009

Make Mine A Palmetto Porter

It takes a lot to screw up a beer blast, and yet the current administration appears to have done just that before the first cap pops. The WSJ has the sad details here.

Of course Lordy O could have served any of a gazillion fine craft-brewed beers from all around the USA. But most of those brews come from small businesses and O is right in the middle of trying to crush all of those folks with higher taxes, onerous regulations, and health insurance mandates. So that might have been a problem too.

My bigger problem with the whole "Beer Summit" is this-- if Lord Obama had texted his old pal "Skip" Gates and asked him to come over to the White House for an afternoon of chin-stroking, and tut-tutting about racist America do you think he'd have served beer?

I doubt it. Beer came into the picture because these two academic Marxists are also entertaining a working-class guy. It's a bit offensive. Then again, you can learn a lot about a President by the beer he drinks. Bud Light. Sounds about right.