Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation Aggravation

It was time for a vacation from toil and strife. Time for a few days away from trading stocks and tapping out blog posts. Perhaps my communications provider sensed this when they cut all phone and Internet service to Monkeydarts Plantation last Friday.

Tuesday afternoon the service technician admitted that one of his co-workers had made some big mistakes last week. He meant well, apparently, when he disconnected service willy-nilly for several homes. Luckily, the company was lightning quick in their response and got everything up and running again in 98 hours. It would have taken 97 hours and 59 minutes except the tech had to reconnect two whole wires thus adding an extra minute.

I don't want to mention the company in question, but their initials are a-t-t.

On the bright side, four days without Internet allows a family to really get closer together-- like the good old days when after a full day of chores Ma, Pa and the brood would gather on the porch and talk and sing folk songs about how this land belongs to you and me. And we did exactly that-- in a more modern sense.
We watched more satellite TV.