Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stick to Basketball

Such was the odd camera angle that one could watch Lord O's first pitch from St. Louis last night on TV and not get a clear look at the fact that he throws like a, um, er, uh.... well, you decide. (O's rainbow, short-hopper appears at around :24 of that clip.)

It seems pretty clear that FOX Sports knew he couldn't throw a baseball. They shot it oddly and then replayed only close-ups of him. Later he told the two mutts in the broadcast booth that he had practiced his throwing in the back yard at the White House. Wow, that made it even worse, pal. Hopefully he didn't step in Michelle's recession garden or she'll throw her $6,000 purse at him!

So what? So... nothing. Except now I can understand why he bowled a sub-40 game during the campaign.

More importantly, Curtis Granderson got the big hit of the night and scored the winning run for the AL.