Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On To Washington

There were around 1,500 "Tea Party" protests on July 4th. Most Americans are probably unaware that this happened and that upwards of a million people took to the streets all across the country-- just as they did on April 15th. They'd be aware, perhaps, if there wasn't an ongoing celebration of a child molester taking place on TV "news". (I just found out that the small Ohio town where I was raised, population 17,000, had over a thousand attend their "Tea Party" Saturday! I'm so proud of that little 'burg!)

Those of you who have attended one of these events are aware that the Republican Party takes nearly as much grief as the Obama Party does from the speakers and the assembled masses.

This will likely be the case on September 12th when the National Taxpayer Protest movement goes to Washington DC. A million people at 1,000 to 1,500 rallies across the country can be ignored, I guess. What about a like amount coming to Washington, DC?

Something is going on in America. A significant number of citizens are beyond fed-up with DC's tax, borrow, and spend domestic governance and sickened by the spectacle of our leaders dancing with dictators on the international stage. And, many people who vote for Republicans are tired of a Party that says, "Me too, but slower and cheaper." Instead of "Hell, no!"

September 12th. Washington, DC. The National Taxpayer Protest. Could it be that April 15th and July 4th were just a warm-up?