Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Eleven Hour Poop Joke

Sen. Carl Levin straining to hold one in.

Much outrage, faux and otherwise, this morning over Senator Carl "SHI77Y" Levin. Everyone seems to think he uttered a barnyard epithet 11 times. I watched every minute and believe me Crappy Carl said the "s" word far more than eleven times. He hit eleven during just the first panel! (Which is when Drudge put up a story and thus everyone now believes he said it 11 times.) He also used "crap" and "piece of crap" so much I eventually needed a break to wash up.

But the real outrage isn't that an idiot Senator talks like he's 12. Heck, I never figured him for brain power beyond a pre-teen. I mean, after all, he thinks he's fooling somebody with that comb over so he can't be too bright.
Comb-over Carl the Crapmaster
No, the real outrage is that Senator Claire McCaskill dropped multiple S bombs and is being totally ignored. She also seemed to admit to using a bookie to bet on college football and was so deep into illegal wagering that she knew what "the vig" is. But today there isn't a peep about Crappy Claire. I guess next time she needs to drop two dozen bombs a la Creepy Carl so she can get some righteous potty mouth props!
See Big Claire crappin' out here.
In related news... Zoo Poo!