Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day 2010

TV sports channels constantly make predictions. Who will win? Who ya got? What are yer picks?Nobody can be truthful and say, "I have no idea."

In fact, not only must they predict who will win, they must do so in an emphatic way. "The Lobsters don't have a chance! They're goin' down this weekend to the Crabs!!"

It gets pretty tedious. But, apparently it's a path to media success. After all they do it on every sports program on TV and radio. Even the guys who still write for newspapers have to offer their "picks."
I blame CBS TV, The NFL, and Jimmy The Greek for this mess. But, as we say on Wall Street, "the trend is your friend." And... "don't fight the tape." Somehow that applies here. Maybe.
So, today we offer up our first (and almost certainly last) Dart's Baseball Season Predictions.

American League
East- Boston Red Sox
Central- Detroit Tigers
West- Seattle Mariners
WC- Tampa Bay Rays

National League
East- Philadelphia Phillies
Central- St. Louis Cardinals
West- Colorado Rockies
WC- Atlanta Braves

AL Champs- Boston

NL Champs- St. Louis

World Champions...

Boston Red Sox

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