Thursday, April 1, 2010

One of 'em who come runnin'-- every time

The big story in our little unincorporated community the past week has been the death of SC Highway Patrol trooper, Cpl. D. Kevin Cusack.

How big a story? Well, 700 people came to the neighborhood for his memorial service-- including the Governor.

York County Sheriff's deputies had taken over almost all the Highway Patrol's duties Monday so as many troopers as possible could attend the services. One of the deputies in the middle of the road was a guy with creases in his face deep as any furrow plowed by a mule in red clay soil, named Ronnie Wilburn.
"There's those who love the police, and there's those who don't," Wilburn said. "But I can tell you that it don't matter one way or another, when people need help, in a house or out here on the roads, we come runnin'. Cusack was one of 'em who come runnin' - every time."

The Rock Hill Herald tells it well.