Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summit Follies

Everybody has seen the pictures of Lordy O bowing brilliantly to Hu...

Most have seen the finger wag in the face of the Canadian PM-- reminiscent of the finger jab at Bibi last week.

Some have seen the picture of O's full on HuggaLula, confirming his love for the Socialist leader of Brazil.

But my favorite part of the ridiculous nuclear forum in DC this week was when Emperor Obama tried to introduce Slow Joe to the leader of Japan.

"Have you met my Vice President Joe Bi.... oh, $#&*, he's wandered off again..."

And then later, this unfortunate moment...

"Listen worthless, I told you to fill everyone's water glass. That included mine you dope! Ya know Chris Dodd and a helluva lotta other idiots are going to be looking for work next year. You can be replaced, loser!"

A Slow Joe dressing down in front of world leaders. Bad for him. But we enjoyed it.