Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Tough Trying To Make A Buck On Politics

Three weeks ago I was worried about what I would do with my warehouse full of Hillary Nutcrackers. Thanks to globalism that problem is now solved as a fellow in an unnamed Eastern European country took them off my hands. Exchange rates being what they are today I even made a dime or two per cracker. By the time those beauties see the market again "Hillary" may look more like Merkel or some such but, hey, what do I care. I'm just glad to be out from under Hillary... er, I mean, I'm just glad to be able to end the lease on all that warehouse space.

Now here are some guys who had a better business plan:! Bless them, I hope they make a fortune. Then, if Obama wins in November, they can flee the country--- or at least move their capital offshore like many of the rest of us. Seriously though, don't you want to order an Obama hat and a bottle of Leninade?
As for me, I'm done selling hard goods. I don't want to worry about inventories or leases or production cycles-- I had a career full of that in a former life. My money making activities surrounding the presidential election are simpler: futures trading. How are those futures trading you ask? As of this minute Obama futures are trading at 57.6, McCain futures are trading at 37.7, and Hillary is going for 5.8. Over on Rich Karlgaard's blog a commenter assured everyone yesterday that there was 0% chance that BXO would win the election. Very sweet stuff for McCainiacs to ponder I imagine. Too bad Barack's actually a big favorite in the very real world of futures trading. It's gonna take more than a few cases of Leninade to get through this.