Monday, May 5, 2008

Results of Carter's Outreach to Terrorists: Weak

Back on April 15th and 17th I posted a couple of short items about Jimmy Carter's "Hug a Hamas Terrorist Tour '08." You can find them here, filed under terrorism. Some people didn't like this criticism of the illustrious former POTUS. In other venues he was proclaimed a great statesman for his outreach to Hamas and compared favorably to the current President who, of course, simply wants to bomb everybody in the world.

So, I thought we might want to check in on Hamas TV (Courtesy of the tireless watchdogs at MEMRI) and see if, in the aftermath of The Great Carter's visit to Hamas leaders and the laying of a wreath at the grave of terrorist Arafat, things had improved. Did Hamas TV a week after Carter's visit reflect more warmth to their Jewish neighbors, a thawing that only a super statesman like Jimmy could bring about? Sadly, no. Perhaps the title of this segment gives away the plot: "The Holocaust Was Part of a Zionist Plan to Get Rid of the Jewish Elderly and Handicapped."

Although, since Jimmy still lives in Georgia and Coca-Cola means a great deal to the Georgian economy, maybe Jim's real mission was to ruin Pepsi's market share. (Photo is from happier days when Carter was certifying Hamas election victories in a "free" and "fair" election.)