Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yet Another Super Important Primary Election *yawn*

Back in the Disco '70's and the Boomin' '80's there was an adage that went, "Cocaine is God's way of telling you that you have too much money." The last week or so has provided an update to that. While we live in the Palmetto State, we are actually in the media market of the Tar Heel state's largest metro area. Our SC primaries were way back in January but the heavy ad blitz around us is now since North Carolinians vote today. It isn't just the obvious Obama v. Hillary ads but also the primary vote for Governor in both parties and, believe it or not, lots of Ron Paul ads if you know where to listen.
Part of this ad blitz speaks to the incredible fund-raising abilities of the Obama campaign. Reliable reports indicate that BXO's campaign has even started running ads on WBT, the highly-rated talk outlet in Charlotte, and is placing ads during their conservative talk radio shows-- like the noon to 3PM show of the highest rated radio performer in history. Now that's not exactly low-hanging fruit but it is indicative of the fact that they have bought as much advertising on every other format as they can. But wait, there's more. In the past two days I've heard Obama ads on country radio. Bless his heart. I've written before about the phenomenal ability of Obama to raise money and bring people into the system who have never given money to a campaign before. But, as someone who has sold radio advertising and bought millions of dollars worth of it, I can tell you that when Obama is running ads on Rush Limbaugh it means that every other outlet that makes more sense has said to his media buyers, "We're out of inventory. You bought it all!" That is one huge marketing budget.
No matter the outcome, tomorrow will be a great day-- the circus will leave town (again).
UPDATE: For the people who asked why I use "BXO"-- that goes back a couple of months and is due to a request from Michelle "The Angriest Multi-Millionaire in America" Obama. Just trying to comply.