Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Angry Republicans Storyline

For eight years we've watched endless venom, mouth-foaming anger, vitriol, and abuse thrown at President Bush and Vice President Cheney. The legacy media position on The Angry Left was... *yawn*. Now however we are told that attendees at McCain/ Palin rallies are dangerous, angry, screaming lunatics. I have yet to see any of these supposed unhinged people identified by name. If the elites in the NY/DC media axis would do that we could then research who they are. In the past we've been presented in newspaper articles with "life-long Republicans" who are "fed up and just can't support President Bush" anymore. Often a little research on reveals these folks to be people who gave money to the Clinton-Gore campaign, the Gore-Lieberman campaign, the Kerry-SilkyPony campaign, and other Democrats. Too good a story for the Democrat handmaiden media to fact-check properly, in other words.
If the left wing dinosaur media didn't care about getting it right then, my answer to their meme about the "angry" McCain-Palin rally folks is pictured above.
Rick Moran wonders here if the people in the stories are even McCain-Palin supporters.