Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Investors Business Daily does polling through a firm called TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence. Their polling over the years has been quite accurate. Today they published their first poll of the 2008 presidential contest based on polling conducted between October 6th and 12th. They polled for just McCain and Obama with no third-party candidates listed.

The overall result was Obama 45%, McCain 43%, 13% Undecided.

Other interesting data in this poll was that among self-described "Independents", 25% are still undecided. Only 7% or Democrats and Republicans are still undecided.

Obama leads in the Northeast 53% to 31%
Obama leads in the West 47% to 43%
McCain leads in the Midwest 44% to 43%
McCain leads in the South 48% to 41%

McCain leads with white, non-Hispanic males 55% to 35%
McCain leads with white, non-Hispanic females 44% to 43%

McCain leads with Protestants, Catholics and other people calling themselves Christian.
Obama leads with Jewish people and people who claim no religion or "other."

The IBD/TIPP poll also asked people if they display an American flag on their home. McCain carries the flag wavers 51% to 34%. Among those who don't fly the flag Obama leads 65% to 26%.

Gosh, I don't know what to make of that data. I hope nobody is questioning anyone's patriotism.