Friday, October 3, 2008


One of the problems with having hair plugs is that the patient tends to grow his hair too long, combs it straight back, and looks like he's sportin' a 50's-era D.A. (AKA: Duck's Ass) hairdo. Donald Trump avoids this by combing it around in circles and swoops until nobody can tell where the ass is. Although most people still have a pretty good idea. The plug wearer ends up with essentially a comb-over job running from front to back. This shouts out the same message of a low-part comb-over running from side to side: "I'm kidding myself about my hair loss." Slow Joe would look a lot better if he cut his hair shorter. Especially in the back. That little flip is starting to take on a Will Geer/ Grandpa Walton look. I know your politics are a lot like the late Mr. Geer's, Joe, but that's still not a good look for you. Trust me, pal.

My other criticism of Joe's look is the heavily botoxed forehead. There is so much bondo pumped in there that only the outside ends of his eyebrows even move any more. A lot of people see that and can't quite figure out what's wrong with him but they know something is wrong there. Something looks unnatural. Something looks phony. Which brings us to the gleaming white caps. I have nothing against a good-looking smile. But, if you have whitened your teeth to that extreme-- for someone your age, Joe-- you might want to dial back the smile. Less is more. The smile is extremely phony in many ways, frankly, and Joe wasn't helped in the early parts of the debate when the camera showed his reactions. He looked like he had a coat hanger in there propping it open. Lots of Americans have seen the latest Batman movie and that "Joker" look isn't good for a guy seeking votes.

A good critique should always end with a positive remark and here's mine. For a guy who has been a US Senator for 35 years you have very good posture at the podium, Joe.

Oh, as for the "debate" itself, the Governor kicked the Senator's ass, but not quite as much as I expected her to.