Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Slow Joe Biden Sez:

Telling the American electorate about the judgment and associations of Senator Obama isn't "helpful." I'm sure it isn't helpful to Democrat chances in November, Joe.

Sen. Joe Biden said Monday that the tone of the McCain-Palin campaign has gone “over the edge” and that if John McCain continues to push some lines of attack against Barack Obama he may regret it “for the rest of his life.” Biden didn't explain why winning the White House would be something McCain would regret.

Talking on the Democrat National Committee's nightly game show, “Hardball,” Biden said, “I just think it’s unhealthy, you don’t throw race [and] terrorism” into the presidential campaign. He gave no example of the McCain-Palin campaign "throwing race" into the campaign although lately many Democrats and Dem-friendly pundits have claimed that white Democrats might vote for the Republican ticket. The terrorism portion of Biden's statement is easy to understand. The Democrat standard-bearer and his wife are both friends with Bill Ayers and his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Ayers are both unrepentant domestic terrorists.

“That’s a combustible mix in an environment where people are angry. It’s not a useful time to be running an ad that says the guy consorts with terrorists,” Biden said. The Democratic senator added that if McCain attacks Obama’s associations with the radical William Ayers or the mouth-foaming racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright during Wednesday’s debate he “will regret for the rest of his life having an incredible career getting cast aside.” The question of how Senator Obama's friendships with terrorists and an anti-American preacher would be a problem for McCain was left unasked on the Democrat Party TV program.

But Slow Joe Biden expressed optimism that McCain will choose to back off the charges against Obama that make the young Illinois Democrat uncomfortable. Referring to McCain's chiding of his supporters for their fears of a Socialist winning the presidency, Biden said on another network Game Show, "Nightline" that McCain “seems to have figured it out. He looks like he's trying to tamp it down.”

In deference to collegiality in that great deliberative body, the US Senate, McCain agreed with his "good friend" Senator Biden. "I shall do what's right for my country. I always put Country First (TM). Therefore, I announce today that I will follow the good example of Gerald Ford and Bob Dole and graciously lose to a liberal jerk. Thank you, my friend, for straightening me out before I needlessly defeated that little no-nothing clown, your running mate. And my message to the Republicans and Conservatives who supported me, Good luck, suckers."