Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mare See Bow Koo

Several months ago Senator Obama was striding across a stage in front of an adoring audience doing his "Americans are so dumb______," comedy riff. You know how it goes as well as you know the Jeff Foxworthy redneck joke construction pattern. "Americans are so dumb they voted for George W. Bush... *chuckles*... TWICE! Roars of laughter and applause. The best one Barry O came up with was, "Americans are so dumb they travel to foreign countries and expect everyone to speak English! *laughter* They walk around...*pause*... and say 'Mare see bow koo.'" Roar. Applause.

Well, The Barack of Obama was prescient. He isn't even President of the United States yet and we are already living in France. Yes, Treasury Secretary Paulson is considering the recommendation of his close personal pal Upchuck Schumer to nationalize US banks. Every day we travel down this socialist path we're on, at the behest of leaders from both parties, constitutes another month we'll be wandering in the wilderness. Welcome to our European future.