Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Down and Dirty Dozen

I hear that Lord ObamaPrompter is going before the TV cameras yet again tonight. Seems like he's been on TV longer than CSI. Apparently this evening he'll graciously point out that this whole "First 100 Days" thing isn't really so important while basking in the adoration of his handmaiden media pals.

I'll be watching baseball and will happily miss the whole sick spectacle.

Lots of media outlets have stepped up to produce their glowing tributes to LordyO while the NYPost did a 100 Days/ 100 Mistakes column. Nice. I might even read that one some day. I'm too lazy to pick 100 out of the disaster that is ObamAmerica's first 100 days. However, I'll try my hand at a Dirty Dozen. After all, as Slow Joe Biden said, "If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, if we stand up there and we really make the tough decisions, there's still a 30% chance we're going to get it wrong."

1. Appointment disasters-- from the misfires like Gupta, Killefer, Nazareth, Atkinson, and Carrion, to the high wattage beat downs of Richardson and Daschle, right on through to the indispensable man, the greatest flubbed appointment ever-- Faithful Finance Elf Timmy "turboTax" Geithner-- it's been one FUBAR after another. Special mention goes out to the fact that they've tried to send 3 different folks to be Ambassador to The Vatican (including Caroline Kennedy) and all were refused because, wait for it, they're all PRO ABORTION. Nice move. Maybe he was distracted unduly.

2. The biggest spending bill in US history AKA: Stimulus.

3. A budget that will make kids born in 2009 debtors to the tune of $40,000 at birth.

4. The Chavez handshake moment, amigo.

5. Sitting on his @$$ for 53 minutes listening to Daniel Ortega rail against America. Apparently Lordy O thought he was back in a Columbia University poli sci class.

6. Big Mama JanNap slaps veterans as terror risks while claiming people who think like Thomas Jefferson vis-a-vis the federal government are dangerous extremists. Hey, maybe we are.

7. Tells Russia he'll drop the USA's plans for a missile shield in Europe if they give him some amorphous "help" on Iranian nukes. Thus, in one deft move, he makes the US and her allies less safe while also cutting the Poles and Czechs off at the knees.

8. Bows down to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and then has his press flunky come out in clown shoes, a red nose, and a squirting flower to tell us that we didn't see the bow we all saw.

9. While claiming that he doesn't want to run US private corporations he fires the CEO of GM, threatens to fire the head of Citi, while his labor union pals and erstwhile bud in New York, Andrew Cuomo, tries to knock out Ken Lewis at BofA.
10. The selective, politically motivated release of the CIA interrogation memos thus gravely endangering all Americans and specifically those on the front lines against our enemies. When people are outraged he travels to the CIA for a photo op and tells them not to worry about the mistakes they've made in the past: "That's how we learn." Thereby adding condescension to his treachery.

11. The Teleprompter Dependence.

12. Joe Biden.