Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Crazy Sometimes

I live in the Southeast, my favorite baseball team is in the upper Midwest, my hockey team is on the West Coast, and the football team I follow is in the Southwest. This causes much distress in my life. So much pressure that every now and then I sit still with a beverage in hand and think, "Dart, you should be a Panthers, Braves & Hurricanes fan! It would be so much easier!" Then I get up and pour that beer right in the sink since there's obviously something bad in there makin' me think all crazy like and such.

Nope, I've been a Detroit Tigers fan for more than 50 years and I won't be changin'. Despite the distance I follow the Tigers closely through the miracle of the Internet. But no need to watch them on the smaller screen tonight--they're on national TV. ESPN is showing a Tigers game! Don't worry, BristolVision hasn't changed up and started to show an interest in MLB outside of the NY/Boston axis. No, the Tigers are playing the NYY's.

Rookie Rick Porcello takes the hill for the first place Detroits. Some fat kid is pitching for the Yanks. Detroit won game one of the series, then last night they let the Yankees score a bunch of runs to get it out of their system.

Go Tigers!