Friday, April 24, 2009

Spider, Meet Fly

It's pretty clear now that the Obama administration can't help itself when it comes to creating distractions from their agenda. The enhanced interrogation debacle is the latest and greatest in a long line. The idea of criminalizing policy differences with a prior administration is an absurdity that only a Soros-funded Moveon lunatic could want. But once the shock wears off that these people are so addled that they would actually do what no other president or congress in the long history of America has done a smile begins to form. At first it looks like a Cheney sneer, or a Dubya smirk. But soon it grows into the kind of wide grin that Lord Obama reserves only for his BFF Hugo Chavez.

I say, Bring It On.

Let's make clear once and for all that which Washington Democrats try to hide come election time: when it gets tough, when the situation calls for nasty tactics, they simply won't defend the United States.

DC Dems feel that seven and a half years of zero attacks inside the US represents enduring safety. A safety that lets them go back into repose, rewrite even recent history, and spew their hate-America-first beliefs. But when the buildings fall again, when bodies are pulled from the rubble again, and when the radiation sickness fatalities mount they'll be the ones who the voters will know are the gutless puke vermin that let us down. It will be clear.

Plus, as a short-term benefit to the nation, when the gears in DC are grinding to a halt over this issue there will be no political capital to push carbon taxes, nationalized healthcare, huge budget increases, and the rest of Lord O's miserable agenda. All attention will be on an American president trying to prosecute the preceding administration. There will be no oxygen left in DC for anything else-- think Clinton's impeachment, think Watergate, hell even Iran Contra stopped everything in DC. Yes, bring it, Lord O.

Something tells me that Obama inadvertently let the genie out of the bottle when he made that offhand remark that contradicted his prior "let's look forward" stance. He doesn't think two moves ahead this kid. It looks like there's no going back for him now that the mouth-foaming left has the scent of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld blood.
You owe 'em, Barry.
Do it!
Go ahead, do it!
What are ya, chicken?

Step into my parlor...