Wednesday, April 1, 2009

London Crawling

Well, things got off to a great start over in London. Gordo thanked Barry O for the DVD's and then they repaired to the video room at #10 Downing to watch The Special Edition Director's Cut of Porkys II: The Next Day.
Unfortunately the fun of a classic flick couldn't last forever. Off the duo went to a meeting of all of their underlings and other assorted nitwits and brown-nosers. Everyone had a pencil and a pad of paper at their place but not enough room to move an elbow to write anything-- except for one guy who said he'd take notes for everyone. After an hour of discussion he had written down the date and Rahm's private cell number. Oh well, the meeting was mostly for show.
Londoners who work in the financial district were told to wear casual clothes today so the anarchists couldn't pick them out and beat them senseless. Of course for most of the guys who work in The City this means Hugo Boss jeans and the latest Eurotrash shirt. This picture of the result is interesting though. One guy went along with the casual clothes directive but walked along reading The Financial Times. Um, anarchists don't read FT. Most of them don't read anything but txt msgs. Another guy, right there in the front, dressed normally. No hippies were going to screw with him.
I swear that must be Hugh Laurie's kid in this picture from the street protests. Not only does he look like Hugh but he has camera awareness. You can't teach that, it's genetic!
Sure there were thousands in the streets of London and hundreds of signs. But this one sums it up.

It must be odd for our Community-Organizer-in-Chief to look out at thousands of his comrades and realize he's now, for the first time in his young life, on the other side from the righteous revolution.