Friday, May 1, 2009

Buh Bye President Goodwrench

The fleet here at Monkeydarts Plantation includes a GM SUV assembled in Wisconsin and a Jeep built in Toledo, Ohio. In fact, along with some foreign-made vehicles I've always had at least one GM, Ford or Jeep vehicle in the garage since 1979. Now that the UAW will own 38% of GM and 55% of Chrysler I am done with those two companies.

When this bailout baloney started in the Bush administration I pointed out here that it would not be a Big 3 Bailout, or a Detroit 3 Bailout or any of the other things it was being called. It would be, under Lord Obama, a United Auto Workers bailout. I was right. I was a 30 year customer and I am done.

There are plenty of vehicles available made by American workers that aren't part of this debacle. I have an eye on a Texas-made Toyota pickup to replace the old GM wheels. Maybe a nice South Carolina made BMW when I jettison the Jeep.

ObamaMotors won't care but they lost this family this week. When Lordy O said yesterday that people who refused to go along with his plan and wouldn't take a subordinate position to the UAW in the bankruptcy were essentially dirtballs I did a Liz Edwards and threw up.

Capital is under attack from Washington DC. This will not end well. But when it does end I'll be driving my Lexus and a BMW, Toyota, or Hyundai before I sit behind the wheel of a Chevy or Charger.

UPDATE: Did the math. We've owned 3 GM's, 2 Fords, and 1 Jeep among our 12 vehicles. About 50% UAW. Future percentage? I'd say roughly, let's see, ahhh, ZERO now that the workers have secured the means of production in our new socialist dream state.