Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Marco YES!

Barely 100 days into the ObamaPrompter administration and a young Conservative in Florida is running in the Republican primary race for the US Senate by tying his opponent to the failed Obama presidency.

Marco Rubio's ad "welcoming" Gov. Crist to the primary for the open senate seat from Florida is here.

Seeing a picture of Lord O and Charlie Crist gazing into each other's eyes while the voiceover says, "... Washington's same old broken ways..." is enough to bring a cheer in the Dart household. But elsewhere people think Rubio's crazy. After all, Lordy O is soooo popular, right? First, you better take another look at those numbers by party affiliation. And, second, the primary ain't today.

The world has a way of turning. In 1992 nobody on the Democrat side wanted to run against George H.W. Bush as he sported an 80% plus approval rating post- Operation Desert Storm. The big national Democrat names stayed out and a small state governor ended up president thanks to a little help from Ross Perot. George W. Bush won two elections for president and by the time he left office you couldn't find three people who would admit to having voted for him.

Marco Rubio is betting that Charlie Crist's support for Obama in general and for the porkulus monstrosity in particular will come back to haunt him before the election. You may think he's nuts but I think he's got guts.

Marco YES!/ Marxists NO!