Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sounds Good

Thank goodness for the fact that ABC owned the rights to televise the 2009 Indianapolis 500.

It was a great race, first of all, but it paid another benefit. See, the only time the ABC channel is on in our house is for college football in the fall and the Indy 500 on Memorial Day. We thought long and hard about this and couldn't come up with any other time ABC is ever on around here. Not that odd really, the only time NBC is ever on here is for sports as well.

So, we're watching the 500 Sunday and ABC runs a promotional announcement for The Goode Family. What the???? A show that mocks Warmism!?! The animation looked kind of like King of the Hill... could it be Mike Judge's handiwork? Research revealed that, yes, we were among the last to know that Mike Judge has a half hour animated comedy that pokes fun at recycling, vegan, Al Gore worshipping lefties debuting tonight on ABC. 9 EDT.

We'll be watching the first episode and hoping that it's as funny as the promos. Then we'll be waiting for the legacy media dinosaurs to try to get it off the air. Oops, looks like they already have started. Ya gotta love the people at the tired, old, dying NYTimes: convinced that everybody buys the global warming hoax.
UPDATE: Lord Obama's energy chief calls for people to paint their rooftops white. And the NYTimes thinks there's nothing goofy about Warmism? That's the dumbest thing since Gerry Ford's WIN buttons.