Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sweet Justice

One of the many good consequences of Arlen's defection back to his original political party is the elevation of Jeff Sessions to 1st chair on the R side of the judiciary committee before any of Lord ObamaPrompter's nominees are sent up. Unfairly smeared by lesser lights like Teddy Kennedy (the Admiral of the SS Oldsmobile) back when Ronald Reagan appointed him to the federal bench, Sessions prevailed through electoral politics. He is a huge step up for Conservatives from Specter in the role of ranking member.

Meanwhile Harry Reid reneged on the seniority promises Slow Joe Biden made to Specter and now ol' Benedict Arlen sits dead last in seniority on the D side like some rookie. Finally the RINO who joined with Dems to knock down Jeff Sessions back in the 80's is sitting by himself in the back row while Jeff Sessions leads the minority against Obama's far left nominees to the court.

The great philosopher George "Sparky" Anderson observed that "Every twenty-four hours the world rolls over on someone who was on top." Ain't it a bitch, Arlen?