Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nice Dealership Ya Got There. It'd Be a Shame If...

The UAW bailout has taken yet another interesting and ugly turn. A couple of weeks ago we pointed out that by having no clear rationale for closing some dealerships while leaving others open Lord Obama's auto task force was leaving itself open to allegations of an unseemly nature. Well, it looks like there was Chicago Machine Style politics involved in at least one instance: a dealership group of 6 Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep stores owned in part by Clintonista Mack McLarty and big Dem contributor Bob(cat) Johnson kept their dealerships while direct competitors were knocked out.

Obama and his auto minions can argue until the sky turns chartreuse that the auto task force didn't use political contributions and connections to determine the fate of these entrepreneurs but they can save their breath. Many of us will never believe it. The problem is in the involvement of the government in private business. They have created an enormous disaster by putting the White House in charge of Chrysler and GM. It will result in a bottomless money pit for the taxpayer, crappy "green" cars with premium prices that won't sell, and credible charges of government corruption in the "management" of the non-Ford US auto business. By the way, can Ford de-certify the UAW since the union is a major owner of their two US-based competitors? Just wonderin'.

Gateway Pundit has a round-up here of the McLarty/Bob(cat) Johnson scandal..